What Are Five Steps Towards Finding A Way To Do Something In Your Life?

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Keep this in mind whenever you look at the things you want to do and accomplish in your life.

In your life, the goals and dreams you have had, currently have, or will have will fall into two categories:

  1. You will find a way to make it happen.
  2. You will come up with an excuse as to why you cannot make it happen.

Now you may come back and say the following about some of the goals and dreams that did not come true.

  1. There were extenuating circumstances beyond my control.
  2. Somebody or something stopped you or got in your way.
  3. You did not have the time, money, or resources available.
  4. It was not meant for me to accomplish or have.
  5. It was impossible or too difficult to accomplish.

If you find yourself saying one of these five statements whenever you do not do something you want to achieve or accomplish, then my focus is on you with today’s motivation. Granted that you may have things or people that may get in your way, but you should not let them stand in the way of you achieving whatever you want to do in your life.

Why do I have a reason or excuse for whenever I do not do or accomplish something?

This is a question that you must spend some time thinking about. The answers that you will come up with can serve as major keys towards you fixing and starting to do all of the things that you want to do. I want to give you three facts that may help you in find the answers that you need:

  1. No matter who or what you blame for not accomplishing something, the full and final responsibility falls on your shoulders.
  2. Negativity from yourself, things, and other people will create additional fuel for you to have a reason or excuse.
  3. For every reason and excuse that you come up with about why you did not do something, the distance between you and success becomes more distant.

Although having a reason or excuse, whether valid or invalid, can offer some insight, if you continue to come up with them consistently, they will add up over time, and you will find yourself never doing anything to better yourself.

What does it mean to find a way to do something?

Simply put, it is just that: if you want to do or achieve something in your life, you will find a way. The way that you may find for one thing may not work for another thing, but it is all about doing what it takes for you to be successful. If you look back on the things that you have done successfully in your life, you will find that there are five common traits that you did:

  1. You eventually knew you wanted to do it. In your mind, heart, and soul, you were either convinced by yourself or someone else to the point that you knew what you wanted to do.
  2. You came up with a way to do it. You had some type of roadmap as to how you wanted to achieve whatever you wanted to do.
  3. You took action. You put things into motion and give yourself a chance to succeed.
  4. You refused to accept defeat or rejection. You refused to hear “no” and did not let obstacles get in your way.
  5. You found a way to become successful.You stuck with it until you actually completed whatever it was that you wanted to do.

Regardless of what it was or how long they may have respectively took, everything that you have done successfully in your life is a direct reflection of these five traits.

What are five steps towards finding a way to do something in your life?

As you are looking at one of your major goals right now, you have to decide whether or not you want to find a way or make an excuse. If you are wanting to find a way to do something in your life, here are five steps toward making this happen in five steps using the character traits listed above:

  1. Know exactly what you want to do. Do your homework and research in detail whatever you are wanting to accomplish.
  2. Come up with a way to do it. Develop a plan and gather the people and resources needed to help you accomplish whatever you want to do.
  3. Take action. Turn your plan into reality by executing it step by step.
  4. Do not accept defeat or rejection. If you want to succeed when faced with adversity, you got to fight against the urge to give up and turn back.
  5. Find a way to become successful. Do whatever you got to do to in order to achieve whatever you want to do.

If you can take these five traits and apply them to what it is that you want to do, you can become successful in whatever you choose to do.

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