Video Proof That People Are Terrified Of GMOs, Despite Having No Idea What They Are

Say it with us: genetically modified organisms.

Along with terms like organic and free-range, GMOs are a hot topic when it comes to our food. GMO stands for genetically modified organism, and all that means is that a food’s genetic makeup has been modified.

A couple of reasons we modify our food is to make the plants that grow our food better at fending off insects, or to make them immune to certain pesticides that are used on crops to kill weeds.

Here’s the other thing about GMOs you should know: people are scared of them, even when when they don’t know what they actually are. (Don’t feel bad if this is you, you’re not alone.)

Bill Nye Saves the World,” a new Netflix show, went out onto the street to ask people what exactly GMOs are ― and folks were stumped.

See for yourself in the video above.