What White Supremacists Are Saying Today About Holocaust Museum Gunman

I visited, for the first time, the site of Stormfront, the major white nationalist/neo-Nazi hate site. The postings are mainly critical of his actions, as they hurt the cause. Here's some of the flavor.
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To find out the answer to that question, I visited, for the first time (trust me) the site of Stormfront, the major white nationalist/white supremacist --some say, neo-Nazi -- hate site. You can do the same, if you wish. It may take awhile, as traffic overload is an issue today, for obvious reasons.

Actually, it is disconcerting to see that the site gets plenty of traffic every day, judging from the number of threads and posts and the purported number of new registrants last month (over 10,000).

One problem today reading the reactions there: The main thread drew dozens of responses but was shut down and is now locked. Another thread is active as I write this, perhaps because it is buried and follows on years-old tributes to the alleged killer, James W. Von Brunn.

The postings in that thread so far are mainly critical of his actions, in terms of hurting the cause. Some are neutral. One explains why the earlier thread was taken down--because they were TOO supportive of the shooting.. Someone posted some artwork by the killer.

UPDATE: A separate thread has now been kicked off with: "James W. Von Brunn victim of Jewish extremism." Another member posted this: "Our entire race is a victim of jewish extremism, hate and genocidal policies. Examples of this are many and can be easily found throughout this site. The jews are anything but the victim's that they claim to be. They are the ultimate destroyers." A third: "von Brunn was trying to send a powerful and courageous message." And one more: "Heroes refuse to go out with a whimper. An example to all of us." A couple of other toxic threads have also now appeared.

Here's some of the flavor from the first thread:


I dont know what he was thinking today. What makes an old man get up in the morning and say, "I am going to go and find the most public/sympathetic target I can find and launch the most IN-effectual attack EVER on it! Then I will cause as much issue as I can for everyone in the cause, and live through it, so that I can be held up for months or years afterward as a example of the "smart lone-wolf"....... "

I for one would like to thank his dumbass personally for all his help to us. So "Thank you Mr. Dumbass...!"

Does anyone know if he had Altzheimers? Possibly simple dementia?


I am watching the media try to pull to heart strings of white Americans who are watching. Remember if you ever question whats going around you you'll eventually be lead to psychotic acts of violence

New Pagan

What a Jackass move. This accomplished less than nothing and was just stupid and senseless all around. At least if he had targeted some people directly responsible for the financial collapse I could understand that.


Most know the source of our problems are Jews and their desires to control the whole earth and all that is within it. They're using our American government, and our money to accomplish that.

Now that being said, shooting up the Holocaust Museum will not change that.

Pat 88

The other thread just got locked because some idiots had the idea to support him doing this shooting, keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything intelligent to say!!

I'm against this sort of senseless violence that puts our cause in bad light because of the actions of a few.

And finally we have Nordic Heathen Vinlader: "So it appears the media and Mr. Von Braun will do some recruiting for us...."

UPDATE: To read my daughter chilling account of her years working at the Holocaust Museum, go here.

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