What Are You Asking For?

There is this amazing tool that works regardless of your age, race, religion, income level, IQ or belief system, and it's here for all of us to use. Yet, few seem to actually embrace the power of it.

It's called "Ask and You Shall Receive." Ever heard of it?

Basically it goes like this -- the Universe can give you everything you desire, if you ask.

Simple, right?

Yet, have you ever really asked for what you desire? Do you even know what that would really be? When what you want doesn't show up, do you keep asking questions or do you decide that it must not be possible?

What if you could change everything with something as simple as asking a question?

Here are my three tips for THE ASK!

What if this year was the year of asking for what you have, up to now, believed was impossible, inconceivable and ridiculous to ask for?

It could be asking for ease with your finances or for happy children. It could be riding across the Kalahari on camels, or sledding cross-country with dogs (I actually know a woman who did this from having no experience at all previously!). It could be getting a great job overseas. It could be becoming an animal whisperer or doing something else unconventional. It could be asking to become happy and inspired every aspect of your life.

We spend way too much time thinking that before we can have the beautiful big changes in our lives that we have to fix all the other little problems first. What if that's not actually true?

Isn't it time that we started creating our lives not from 'uuuh, I have to make this happen" to "oh, wouldn't this be more fun?"

Have you put fun and joy and ease on the list of things you desire this year? Or have you decided that that only comes from further down the track, once you have the car sorted, the kids sorted, your career, relationship, parents, friends and loans sorted.

Here's an idea - what if you could ask for everything you desire, ask for it to come into your life with joy and ease - AND handle everything else you need to handle along the way?

The universe is an abundant place. The earth is beautiful, and constantly gifting to us. But how much of it are we actually receiving? It's all here to have now. Would you be willing to receive the beauty of everything and everyone around you (including you?), RIGHT NOW, no matter what else is going on?

Please start asking now for whatever you desire, no matter how impossible you think it is right now. Write it down. Keep a list. Keep adding to it. Give yourself time to go to the deepest, darkest places of you that you haven't yet let see the light of day, and from there ask, if there was no one or nothing else on the planet except me, what and who would I choose to be with me today and in the future? What would I really like to create? And keep writing. Do it everyday for a few weeks. As you go beyond your standard answers, you will suddenly get to a space where you will see what really matters to you - and you might be very surprised with what comes up!

If you had no one else to explain or answer to, what would you choose? What would you ask for? What impossible and inconceivable and totally ridiculous things would you create this year, just for you and just for fun?

What is so exciting that you're afraid to even ask for it?

Now, go for it! Never stop, never give in and never give up!

Ask my friends, and you shall receive!