What Are You Grateful For?

Two weeks ago, I put the invitation out for people to come and sit on the gratitude bench in Byron Bay, Australia.

We asked everyone a very simple question, "what are you grateful for?"

Their answers moved me to tears, time and time again.

The team from Uplift Connect were present, and captured the gratitude on film.

Take a look (it may the most inspiring 5 minutes of your whole day!):

Gratitude is a life changing practice. But it only works if you actually practice it.

Why not take a moment right now? Close your eyes. And ask yourself, "what am I grateful for?"

Want to see if a regular gratitude practice can change your life?

Come join the gratitude revolution!

Capturing Gratitude starts on World Gratitude Day, September 21st, and we'll be sharing 30 days of gratitude photography.

It's free and our aim is to increase global happiness.

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