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What Are You Here For?

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Have you ever asked yourself, "What are you here for?" Well, that is a question that millions across the globe have desired to know for decades. Every life that enters the planet earth has a divine purpose and it is up to us to seek and find what that divine purpose is.

You must not only look at the surface of your life, but know that there is something greater inside of you that lives and you must give birth to it. You must be present to receive the present that awaits your arrival. You must go through the valleys of life which means the ups and downs to get to that place of purpose.

I believe in order to get to where you desire to be in life you must first "show up" and declare what it is that you want and be willing to put in the work to receive it. You must believe that it is obtainable. In finding your purpose you have to dig within and find out what is holding you back from arriving at the door of destiny.

As a child, I was mesmerized by the film "The Wizard of Oz," each character the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tinman, and Dorothy which is the lead character that desired to get home to Kansas. They were certain that in order to get what they needed they had to get to Emerald City to see the Great Wizard of Oz. What they didn't realize is that they already possessed into which they already desired; all that was needed was to look within.

You my friend possess all that is needed to get that which you so desire. You mustn't doubt your abilities and believe that you already have what you need to be successful. I believe that we were put here on earth to do great works and inspire someone else through our testimonies. Challenges will come, but you must keep going and have a winners mindset and know without a doubt that it's already WON. Never stop believing in yourself and surround yourself with Visionaries that will assist you in giving birth to your purpose.

"Trying is premeditated failure." -- Shon Callender


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