What Being on a Plane in a Tornado Taught Me About Trust


I looked out the window and saw it...

The most torrential rain I've ever seen.

We were sitting on the runway, getting ready for takeoff.

And I said to the guy sitting next to me...

"This looks like tornado weather."

He nervously agreed.

I told him that I'd never been on a plane in a tornado before...

He said he hadn't either.

At that moment, I'll admit – I was pretty scared.

The plane was actually rocking back and forth from all the wind and rain.

And I silently asked myself, "Am I doing the right thing?"

I was on my way to yet another industry conference.

And I said to myself, "What if I'm not supposed to go?"

Then I checked in with my Inner Knowing – that part of me, of all of us, that is connected to Source.

And my Inner Knowing said, "You're fine. Just stay the course."

And I relaxed (a little)

Later, when the storms had subsided and we finally took off, the entire plane erupted into spontaneous applause.

And now here I am, writing this to you from the very conference i wondered if I should attend.

It's been a great conference...

I've learned a lot, met new friends, taken lots of notes...

And already have a ton of new ideas I'm going to implement in my life and business.

But none of it would have happened if I'd given in to my fears...

And hadn't listened to my Inner Knowing.

What  storms are YOU facing in YOUR life?

Are you listening to your fears...

Or trusting  your Inner Knowing?

Sure, listening to your fears will keep you "safe" ...

But it will also keep you STUCK.

Listening to your Inner Knowing will put you out there...

Someplace you've never been before...

But on the other side of your fear, lies the freedom you desire.

Take Action Step:

Listen to your Inner Knowing and not your fears. Get comfortable being a little uncomfortable

I believe in you!

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