What Bra To Wear With 6 Of Spring's Biggest Trends

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For Glamour, by Megan Gustashaw.

<p>From left: House of Holland, Christian Dior, Hood by Air.</p>

From left: House of Holland, Christian Dior, Hood by Air.

Any woman who’s had an outfit ruined by an annoying lack of undergarment options can confirm that when it comes to your bra collection, diversity is king. Especially right now, given the number of unique trends coming down the line for spring 2017 that require the right bra to pull them off. The good news: You probably have most of these bras sitting in your undie drawer right now. If not, we suggest doing a restock — they’re all super versatile and can found at every price point and cup size. Read on to see which ones pair best with six of our favorite spring 2017 trends.

The Spring Trend: One-Shoulder Tops and Dresses

<p>From left: Saint Laurent, Monse, Chloe.</p>

From left: Saint Laurent, Monse, Chloe.

We called this look one of Spring 2017’s most wearable trends for a reason; though it shows a bit of skin, practically any body type — and any bust size — can pull it off.

Wear Underneath: Strapless Bras

Most one-shoulder tops and dresses should do fine with a standard-issue strapless bra. Go for a no-frills seamless style that'll create a smooth line. From top: Aerie, $28, at ae.com; Calvin Klein, $45, at net-a-porter.com; Nubian Skin, $60, at nordstrom.com

The Spring Trend: Thin Slogan Tees

<p>From left: House of Holland, Christian Dior, Hood by Air.</p>

From left: House of Holland, Christian Dior, Hood by Air.

Vintage-inspired slogan T-shirts are going to be everywhere this spring, and unless you're going for that whole visible nipple thing, you'll need the right bra.

Wear Underneath: T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras — an oldie but goodie — will keep the lines under your paper-thin T-shirt smooth while giving your bust a bit of support and soft shape.

From left: Gap, $23 (Was $40), available at gap.com; Calvin Klein, $38, available at farfetch.com

The Trend: Sheer Dresses and Blouses

<p>From left: Christopher Kane, Carven, John Galliano.</p>

From left: Christopher Kane, Carven, John Galliano.

While the see-through trend is undeniably sexy, figuring out how to layer up for the real world without defeating the purpose of the look in the first place, takes a minute. It also takes the right bra.

Wear Underneath: Luxe Lingerie

Your best bet when it comes to sheer tops and dresses? Wear them with lingerie-style bras, bralettes, and bodysuits for a super-modern vibe. Proceed with caution if you’re dressing for work, though — this look should be reserved for off-duty hours. From left: Topshop, $50, at topshop.com; Coco de Mer, $101, at matchesfashion.com

The Trend: Square-Shoulder Blazers

<p>From left: Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Michael Kors.</p>

From left: Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Michael Kors.

Strong, square, ‘40s-inspired blazers and coats are powerful as hell and—after the work day is done — try wearing yours with a gorgeous full-coverage bra underneath, with the jacket buttoned.

Wear Underneath: Bust-Enhancing Bras

Whether balconette or push-up, go for a bra style that enhances your assets. The trend's masculine silhouette allows for a little bit of sex appeal. Clockwise from left: Victoria's Secret, $25 (Was $63), at victoriasecret.com; Chantal Thomass, $131, available at farfetch.com; Stella McCartney, $80, at net-a-porter.com

The Spring Trend: Bra Tops

<p>From left: Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Victoria Beckham.</p>

From left: Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Victoria Beckham.

If you’re going to take on Spring 2017’s bra-top trend (which, by the way, isn’t only for A-cups — Kim Kardshian and Kylie Jenner are both fans), just make sure the straps are supportive enough to lift your bust.

Wear Underneath: Petals

A stick-on bra or "petals" (a.k.a. nipple covers) will give you a little bit of shape and coverage under spring's teeny-tiny tops. Go for one that matches your skin-tone to keep the look invisible. Nordstrom Lingerie, $6 (3-Pack), at nordstrom.com

The Spring Trend: White Dresses

<p>From left: Prabal Gurung, Ellery, Stella McCartney.</p>

From left: Prabal Gurung, Ellery, Stella McCartney.

The little white dress lives on! Also alive: The need for a bra that doesn't expose your chest to the world.

Wear Underneath: Second-Skin Bras

Unless you're going for contrast, you can't go wrong with a standard style that matches your skin. Clockwise from left: Gossard, $45, at amazon.com; Dolce & Gabbana, $495, at net-a-porter.com; Chantelle, $39 (Was $88), at gilt.com; Bodas, $40 (Was $80), at net-a-porter.com

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