What A 5-Year-Old Did To Get His Parents To Stop Fighting

Leslie and Andy's 5-year-old son sent Dr. Phil this message: "Dr. Phil, can you get my Mommy and Daddy back together so they don't fight anymore?"

In the video above, Leslie and Andy, who were married for seven years before splitting up, share just how contentious their relationship has become.

"My ex-husband Andy is the most condescending, controlling person I have ever met in my life," says Leslie. "The first time I saw the rage, he accused me of manipulating him into getting pregnant, and he actually raised a hand to me." She adds, "Even at the very end of my pregnancy, he shared with the Bible study group that his wife was as big as a house, he was not sexually attracted to her anymore, and she was annoying as hell. I have never been treated with such utter disrespect and hatred in my entire life by anybody."

Leslie blames her ex-husband for her arrest on prescription fraud charges, claiming he tipped off a detective, which led to her spending a year in jail away from their son. She also accuses Andy of cyberstalking her, including tapping her phone, using a GPS to track her in her car, sending about 30 text messages a day, and even possibly having a recording device to hear her conversations.

Andy absolutely denies Leslie’s allegations and claims his ex is delusional, paranoid, and a bad influence on their 5-year-old son — behaviors that he believes stem from her drug use. "I hate seeing what addiction has done to her. I felt I needed to be responsible for my son and prevent them from being together."

Is there any hope for this couple to co-parent their child in peace? Tune in to this episode of Dr. Phil on Thursday. Watch more here.

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