What Chris Harrison Is Really Doing During Those 'Bachelor' Dates

He's enjoying himself, that's what.
Esther Horvath via Getty Images

Chris Harrison: the man, the myth, the legend.

He has hosted 20 seasons of "The Bachelor," 11 seasons of "The Bachelorette," three seasons of "Bachelor Pad" and two seasons of "Bachelor in Paradise." Not to mention, he now appears on "Bachelor Live," the franchise's new after-show.

But, let's get real for a second. Harrison only pops up on the shows to introduce the contestants, announce dates, attend rose ceremonies and escort the final two women or men halfway down the long path to a breakup or engagement. So ... what does he do during all that downtime?

"I'll tell you, in the Bahamas, where we were last week, there was this beautiful golf course around the resort [so] I played golf. I love to fish, I went bonefishing ... It was on my bucket list to go bonefishing in the Bahamas, I was there, I went bonefishing," he said during an AOL Build interview.

Harrison knows how privileged he is to have the "Bachelor" hosting gig, telling the Build audience, "I am the luckiest son of a bitch in the world."

"In all seriousness, I didn't grow up with much," he said. "I had a phenomenal family, wonderful parents and had a great life, but I never really traveled much outside of Dallas and the state of Texas my entire existence. This show has changed my life in so many ways and it has given me the ability to travel around the world and see the world, and so it's never lost on me how blessed I am to have this job."

Watch Harrison discuss all of the celebrity fans of "The Bachelor," including Clint Eastwood, in the clip below and make sure to listen to HuffPost's "Bachelor" podcast, "Here To Make Friends," to get the latest scoop on Ben Higgins' journey to find love.

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