What Conservatives Think of Liberals and Vice Versa: Losing our Humanity

Don't look down on me for being politically correct. Take a long look at yourself. Why don't you have a problem with sexism? Why do you fight for bigotry? Why do you betray your own people?

Why do you stand up for those who would do others harm? Why don't you care about anyone besides yourself? How do you live with yourself? Why can't you see what's right in front of you? Innocent people dying everywhere.

The meek getting swindled for the benefit of the powerful. Discrimination running rampant. Racists holding onto ignorant ideals. Obnoxious pigs running for the highest office in the land. Wife beaters and cheaters.

Molesters and killers. Men and women using each other. The promotion of hate. What about your daughter? What about your son?

Would you encourage them not to be so politically correct when they take offense to the rampant misogyny perpetrated against them by so many disgusting men who either don't know better or don't care? Would you encourage your son to objectify women? What if your child was gay? What if your child was trans? What if your child was disabled?

You fight so hard for such horrible people completely ignoring their faults. Making excuses for them time and time again. Making yourself look like a fool, and for what? For exposure? For advancement of your career? For conservatism or liberalism or whatever other political movements you identify with? Where is your humanity?

You lecture us from your cozy seat, hiding behind your makeup and your smile. Hiding behind your money. Nothing you say is real. Nothing you stand for is right. Everything you do, you do for yourself, and no one else. You're kidding yourself if you believe differently.

Somewhere along the line you've become completely devoid of humanity. You forgot that when you hurt other human beings you're only hurting yourself. You forgot that we are all connected; that we are all the same. You cheer for walls. You roll your eyes and chuckle at us because you think you know it all. But you don't know a thing. You lost your mind and forgot your way. You stole our jobs and forced your way into our lives with your backwards ideas.

So smug and so vain, you love to piss us off. You love it when we whine and wring our hands about our sensitive issues. You just want everything handed to you. You don't care about this country. All you want to do is take my money and force me to accept you.

This is the world we live in. Where everything is a joke or a meme. Where original thought is a rarity and being caring and compassionate is for sissies. If it isn't violent it isn't entertaining. If it isn't sensational or divisive then who cares? We are all fatally flawed. Every single one of us.

We're destroying the planet and ignoring the facts. An entire planet being swarmed by egotistical humans who don't know how special and lucky they are. Facing extinction but too selfish to care. Life's a funny proposition after all.

Life's a very funny proposition after all,
Imagination, jealousy, hypocrisy and all.
Three meals a day, a whole lot to say;
When you haven't got the coin you're always in the way.
Ev'rybody's fighting as we wend our way along,
Ev'ry fellow claims the other fellow's in the wrong;
Hurried and worried until we're buried and there's no curtain call.
Life's a very funny proposition after all. - George M. Cohan