What Could Have Been: The Possibilities for Metta World Peace as a Free Agent

Will Smith in Django. Mitt Romney as president. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' children. Ah, the possibilities of what could have been.

Metta World Peace agreeing to a two-year deal with the New York Knicks also severely limits the potential for something ridiculously incredible to have occurred. Sure, pairing up Ron Artest with JR Smith could be extremely and deliriously entertaining. But, I'm kindly urging you to take a few moments and daydream about what could have been for the former Los Angeles Laker over the next 9 months.

Let's take a gander at the possibilities of Metta World Peace in China? Could you physically fathom this man scoring 45 points a night while calling out Yao Ming on a daily basis? Forget basketball, World Peace could have literally confronted communism in China. World Peace would have literally been in Asia. It's like the basketball gods are torturing all Miss America contestants ever.

Hell, I wouldn't have put it past MWP to enter his name in the ring for the Philadelphia 76ers' head coaching gig if he was still a free agent.

What if he just decided to remain the NBA but waited to sign with the best team he could have around the trade deadline? He could have pranced around the country, sitting courtside chewing on cigars and rocking 50-pound medallions with Flo Rida and Drake. He could have held Adam Silver hostage (figuratively) for five months and then made his decision on national television on which team to sign with for the veteran minimum. The special could have ended with him stripping to reveal boxers with the logo of the team he decided to sign with.

Why am I screaming in my head as a write this?

World Peace could have pulled a Michael Jordan and dabbled in another professional sport. What if he showed up to an NFL training camp wearing No. 52 screaming, "STRONGSIDE!"

He could have ridden his bike a la Manny Ramirez to Dodgers Stadium and challenged Yasiel Puig to a home run derby.

He could have made a triumphant return to the WWE.

He could have hosted a reality television contest show like The Voice or America's Got Talent.

He could have ran for political office.

He could have worked as a flight attendant for Southwest.

He could have auditioned for a part-time role in CBS' Two And A Half Men.

He could have created, marketed and solid a new fragrance called, "Too Sexy For Cats."

He could have been a regular on First Take for crying out loud.

Basically, we've missed out on a chance to preview what Metta World Peace's early retirement will be like. We'll just have to settle for his antics in Madison Square Garden and the NYC night life. Hopefully that will be as entertaining as Chris Paul on the Lakers could have been.