What The Democrats Need Is A Defensive President

JACK HITT: With both parties chronically incapable of settling on a nominee, we prepare to leave South Carolina—opting for the luxury of a JetBlue coach seat instead of one more spin cycle in an Amtrak insomnia suite. After the debate brawl on Saturday, in which no one—including the audience—managed to corral the bellowing Trump, the Republican campaign has imploded into whispers of a brokered convention, a third party candidate or a split party. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates are blowing up in Nevada—where Hillary was previously expected to win handily—and there is talk that younger black voters in South Carolina are giving Bernie a second look. And so the question that has been tormenting the Republican establishment for months—“My God, are we really nominating Donald Trump?”—is now also tormenting the Democratic establishment: “Bernie Sanders, really?”

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