What Designers Think A New U.K. Passport Should Look Like

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For Condé Nast Traveler, by Meredith Carey.

As Article 50 goes into effect and Brexit officially begins, British architecture and design magazine Dezeen wondered what would happen to Brits' passports after the country leaves the E.U. So, the team put out a call for new passport designs, receiving over 200 entries from around the world exploring what could happen to the classic burgundy document. Here are some of the finalists.

1. Ian Macfarlane

The British designer combined the base of the country's old burgundy passport with a navy gradient, symbolizing the new beginning of post-Brexit life.

2. Ian Macfarlane

All of the visa pages in Macfarlane's passport are completely blank.

3. Tim Gambell & Alfons Hooikaas

The Dutch design duo went hyper-local with their passports, creating algorithm-driven crests for each town in the U.K.

4. Tim Gambell & Alfons Hooikaas

They designed the visa pages to reflect personal data found on the holder's social media pages.

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