"What Difference Does It Make!" Response by "Successful BusinessWomen for Trump" to Hillary Nomination

Philadelphia. "The City of Brotherly Love" is under siege by protestors fed up with broken dreams and broken promises by career-politicians who shamelessly use voters for their personal ambition and agenda. Even Grandpa Bernie who so many millennials trusted gave up the fight for them. All hollow talk. Succumbed to the corrupt system. Leaving supporters asking, "Where's the beef, or veggie burger?" The DNC Convention pandering to minorities and expecting women to vote for a woman because she is a woman, yet embracing the self-serving theme: "I'm with HER," is myopic. Simply to promote "it would be historic" illustrates how little respect the Clinton machine, the Democrat Party and Clinton Network News (CNN) pundits really have for women and people of color. Women (and men) of all ethnicities desire honest and strong leadership. Not to be suckers for gender/identity politics or advancing politicians personal gain. Security, financial and national, is the overwhelming number one concern for women. Ask every single or married mom whether black, white, brown, red or yellow-are you more secure today, financially and personally, than a decade ago?


Philadelphia, like Cleveland, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and every urban community across America, is struggling to be a safer city to live and a better place to raise a family. Economic development, pro-business, pro-job creation, pro-family environment with good schools and local vocational training in community colleges for good jobs is critically needed. The call to action by "Successful BusinessWomen for Trump" is for our President to be with US (the American workers) not HER. While the same ole politicians keep promising the same ole vision, small businesses are closing, jobs are fleeing and schools are failing. Then the media and politicians ask rhetorically- why is there such frustration and why is violence erupting daily? Radical Islamist international terrorism and domestic gang warfare are growing faster than job-creation because we need strong business-style leadership that knows how to fight and WIN and how to train youth to work for successful WINNING futures.

I remember being present for the peace-signing of the two most feared gangs in Los Angeles, the Crips and the Bloods. Both groups arrived wearing military fatigues, including the wives who were pushing babies in strollers. It was eye-opening to learn that being a "gang-member" was "identity," a way of belonging with "perceived power," and a full-time job. Yet these young parents wanted a better life for their kids, hence the peace-signing. Sad to say, where they live has not advanced one iota since that hopeful day in 2001. In fact, the opposite has been the plight of South Central Los Angeles. The one major job-creator in the Crenshaw neighborhood, Walmart, has moved out. The surrounding streets of Leimert Park, a community near and dear to my heart, which should be filled with successful entrepreneurs now looks like a "war-zone." Same sad story in Downtown Detroit, Downtown St. Louis and other inner cities that could be great again with the right leadership.


The politicians in these declining urban districts across America are mostly career-politician Democrats. What have they delivered to these trusting communities? Nothing but phony promises. Career-politicians present yourselves and be held accountable to your long- mesmerized but awakening constituents. Hillary, rightly described by her husband as a master "Change-Maker" because she knows manipulatively how to improve her personal financial security but at the shameful expense of leaving only "loose change" in the pockets of those who trust her.

America has trusted the wrong leaders, career-politicians, for too long. Whether they are female or male? gay or straight? black or white? republican or democrat? What difference does it make? If they can't deliver what they promise, fire them! They are out of touch with reality. Reality is experienced in our urban cities where our dilapidated schools, our crummy airports, our long and frightening delays to be treated in emergency hospitals and our debt-ridden despairing families wait for politicians to deliver on years of empty promises. It is our corrupt political system of revolving doors for the same career-politicians who care about themselves first, that is why the middle-class is not moving forward and color-neutral slavery exists in America. Slavery to dependency on welfare, addiction, abuse and debt.


Years ago, I began going on late night ride-a-longs with the brave LAPD and Sheriffs. Reality is, it's tough stuff out there in our urban communities. And it is dangerous. I was shocked to be asked by an officer, "Do you really want to come help us with a 2-year-old who has been sodomized?" I went and learned it was the boyfriend of a despairing African-American mother who was repeatedly beaten by the evil-perpetrator, with no sustainable help from the government system. It was law enforcement and charity that got her and her baby to a safe place for treatment, counseling, and to a brighter future. Later on another ride-a-long I met Tammy, a sweet homeless crack addict who like that toddler was raped repeatedly by her step-father until she ran away and was forced to live on the streets as a prostitute. She said government agencies failed helping her all her life. As business and law enforcement working together, we reached out to our network and helped Tammy into rehab and job-training with a faith-based organization until she graduated and got on with the life God intended for her.

The only "I'm with HER" that matters are for our political leaders to be with Tammy, and millions like her that are struggling and need a hand up. That is why "Successful BusinessWomen for Trump," seriously considers "What difference does it make?" It makes a huge difference to look at the judgement, integrity and track record of candidates and to hold career-politicians accountable, just as CEO's and managers of companies. Run America like a successful business.

We the "Successful BusinessWomen for Trump" choose the best leader to get the job done as promised and in record time.

Fellow Americans, Sisters and Brothers, Alleluia. Amen.

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