What Disappoints Me About the Media...

What disappoints me most about the media -- and I will throw myself into this -- is how we forget people, forget stories and move on. The truth is that we in the media can multitask -- do more than one story at one time. Yes, I know, everyone is currently consumed with politics (and that is an important story) but why not likewise talk about Bob Levinson? Even a tweet to the White House helps put pressure on the White House to help.

Former FBI agent Bob Levinson has been missing in Iran since March 9, 2007. A proof of life photo showed he was alive in 2010. His family has been in agony -- they have no information.

Recently a deal was negotiated between US and Iran to return several Americans held in an Iranian prison (and I am thrilled they are home!) ... but not Bob Levinson. Why didn't the Obama Administration demand information about Levinson in connection with this deal?

I don't know if Levinson is dead or alive, but I do believe Iranian government knows whether he is. I also think the White House knows something it is not telling the family (see below). That is mean.

In January, the AP reported: "U.S. officials believe Robert Levinson may no longer be in Iran." If US believe he is no longer in Iran, upon what do they believe this? That means US knows something. Tell the family! It is cruel to keep them in the dark all these years.

And the media? how about just a tweet about Bob Levinson to the White House? @WhiteHouse @HelpBobLevinson

And if you are not in the media, you can still help big time. You can likewise tweet @WhiteHouse @HelpBobLevinson.

We should not leave Americans behind. We need to 'bang the drums' on this one.

And even if the government won't help at least the Levinson people know we care.

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