What Do Bedbugs Have to Do with Global Warming?

So far I have avoided any interaction with bedbugs, but I know a few people who have experienced infestations, and it's starting to become a worrisome trend. Then, the other week I saw a home remedy for catching bed bugs that involved dry ice. Dry ice? It turns out that dry ice is solidified CO2--otherwise known as carbon dioxide. It occurred to me that maybe there is a connection to the excessive amounts of CO2 in our atmosphere (a major contributor to global warming) and a surge in bedbugs.

While it sounds like a crazy idea, my family is renowned for having crazy ideas that prove true decades later. And really, it's not crazy at all; it's about connecting the dots between things that other people may not be paying attention to. I mean, are climate scientists thinking about bedbug infestations, or are they thinking about atmospheric factors? Are bedbug scientists (a tough job, but someone needs to do it) thinking about atmospheric changes, or are they focusing on immigration and travel changes?

I would love it if some wacky Google search or RSS feed would connect me with some scientists who may be looking at the connection between bedbugs and global warming or climate change. Why?

Well, clearly, people aren't responding to plain old scientific reports warning of impending doom. If they were, President Nixon would have listened to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who warned of the threat of global warming in 1969!!!!

But as we know, people love to deny science, going all the way back through history--it's as predictable as the ending of a romance novel (which I love, by the way). The world is flat, the sun revolves around the earth, the womb wanders, and women and anyone not white are inferior to white men. Of course, we find with all of these things that science has proved the exact opposite to be true.

Maybe, just maybe, people will listen to the bedbugs. Instead of thinking of global warming as a scientific hoax, they can think of it as INVASION OF THE BEDBUGS! And do something serious about it. Unfortunately, I am in a cynical mood today, so what would probably happen is that people would respond with guns, chemical warfare, and even worse toxins, speeding our doom rather than saving us.

Anyway, there is a heat wave going through the East Coast and it's too hot to think. Certainly too hot to think about anything as serious as global warming....

Does anyone know any bedbug scientists?

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