What Do Blind People Dream?

Every single human being on this planet dreams (even some mammals too). And while there are tons of people who can’t remember their dreams when they wake up, they still get them. Human beings spend roughly around 6 years of their lifetime dreaming but have you ever considered what blind people dream about?

Dreams are typically very visual experiences. They play against the senses and trigger strange sensations that can alter our perception of reality. They are complex phantasmagoric experiences that are shaped by the things we eat, how much exercise we’re getting, or what position you’re in when you’re asleep.

So how do blind people navigate dream land?

Psych2Go’s newest video answers that very question. Those who go blind very early in life or are blind from birth typically don’t have visual aspects of their dreams. Yet, their dreams feature elevated levels of other senses. While those who go blind later in life continue to experience visual elements in their dreams.

It seems that blind people are very similar in their dreams to sighted people. They navigate a similar level of social interactions in dreams. However, blind people are more prone to nightmares particularly about getting lost, falling into manholes and getting hit by an unseen car.

Although the blind can’t see with their eyes, they see in their dreams with other senses. Despite what you may think, blind people have no difficulty in visually representing the content of their dreams.

How’s that for a weird fact?