All Those Confusing Egg Carton Labels, Explained In One Infographic

Picking up a dozen eggs at the store has never been more confusing, thanks to the ever-growing list of egg carton labels. Some of them mean nothing, some of them don't mean what you think they mean, and some are worth looking out for. But what means what?

The fine folks at Fix put together a definitive graphic on deciphering egg labels. On a sliding scale, they broke down what labels mean in terms of how much outdoor time chickens were exposed to -- an indicator of a perhaps healthier bird -- and what kind of diet they were fed. Here it is:

egg carton labels

Something important to note: not all egg labels are regulated, so it can be hard to trust what's on the carton. But if a label is from a reputable organization like the USDA or The Humane Society, it's valid. Another option is to connect with a local farm about buying their fresh eggs. It's often times the best option out there.

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