What Do Girls Wish Other Girls Knew?

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Answer by Emilya Burd, Thinker

  1. Don't compete with your girlfriends for guys -- it's not worth it, and it's low. I see it all the time as an ego boost -- girls go for the same guy, and it's a competition game. It's low. You will lose friendships over this. It shows more about your personality and the kind of person you are than anything else.

  • Listen to your gut feeling, forget what others say you 'should.' Your gut feeling is that little voice that tells you the right thing to do -- forget what others say. Or what he says you should be doing.
  • Happiness comes from within you and working on yourself. It's a hard process to like yourself, it's a constant work in progress -- but it's your own achievements, and you finding happiness within yourself is the thing that will make you mostly happy -- not the perfect body, not the perfect boyfriend, and not having the job you're supposed to have that everyone adores you for it. It's internally you.
  • It's possible to be extremely close platonic friends with the opposite sex. Try it, it's great -- some of my closest, best friends are the opposite sex.
  • Give it time after a breakup. Most of the time -- sever all contact for a few months, then you can get back into talking. I find that it's possible to be extremely close friends after dating, being boyfriend/girlfriend for awhile.
  • Cheer on other women, don't hate on them! We really have a weird relationship with our gender in my opinion. "Who hates women more than other women?"- SNL
  • It's okay to be single. The boyfriend doesn't have to be "right now, every second." I don't know why so many would rather be in a relationship, sleeping with someone, having one night stands -- as if a guy needs to be in a life right now in any capacity. Work on yourself and do what you like -- isn't it better to find that click?
  • Love yourself.
  • You will always be a work in progress.
  • Cherish the friends and family in your lives. Life isn't supposed to be easy, but maintaining the closest to you will be a lifesaver in the most trying times
  • ...that's from me, a 23 year old self.
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