Here Are The Gifts That Men REALLY Want For The Holidays

We hear Santa reads HuffPost, so it's worth a shot.

Sometimes men have a hard time saying what they really want. If you ask your brother what he wants for the holidays, for example, don't be surprised if he just says, "Cash."

While a guy probably won't turn down cash, there are things you can get him that will totally blow him away. Think about things that might be just out of his price range or that he wants but can't really justify buying for himself -- these are the perfect gifts for the holidays.

We asked our newsroom what they, or the men in their life, wanted more than anything, and here were the most common replies. Consider it a cheat sheet to what men really want, like really really want (dream about even) but will probably never get for themselves, because life.

An Over-The-Top Gadget
Sure, this can be a pricy category, but you can't go wrong in getting a guy a well-regarded gadget.

Damon Beres, HuffPost's tech editor, says the giant Samsung Galaxy View tablet ($499.99) is a good start: "I read a lot of comic books digitally and the idea that I could do so on a gigantic HD screen gets my spidey senses tingling."
Fancy Sheets
What better way to subtly tell your man he should have better sheets than by giving him some high-quality, incredibly comfortable sheets yourself, such as these ($102.95) from Egyptian Bedding?

A blend of 60 percent rayon and 40 percent Egyptian cotton, they're silky and breathable, and HuffPost Pop Culture Editor Brennan Williams says they're great for the "distinguished gentleman."

And if you happen to sleep next to the recipient, well, then it's like a gift for the both of you.
Something To Be Proud Of
Craft A Brew
It's easy. It's really fun. And most of the people who answered our newsroom call-out either said they really wanted a home brew kit or said they were getting it for someone.

These kits, from Craft A Brew, aren't just affordable ($45), they come with everything you need to start a brew of your very own, from brown ales to milk stouts -- you'll just need some bottles on hand to fill up.
A Very Important Bag
Lodge Goods
World traveler or overnighter, every guy needs a well-made dopp kit. Aside from the suitcase, it's arguably the most essential pieces of luggage. And if he already has one, then he could probably use a replacement.
Something To Lounge Around The House In
J. Crew
A guy probably isn't going to spend $70 on a pair of sweat pants for himself, but if you got him this well-fitting, good quality pair from J. Crew's new line ($64.50), we're sure he won't complain. Plus, he'll be easier to look at.
Life Advice
Reza Estakhrian via Getty Images
Personal stylists and interior designers can be commissioned for consultations, sometimes by the hour.

And since guys could definitely use (and would appreciate) the advice of a professional who can help them improve the everyday aspects of their life, such as what clothes to wear or what color palette should be in their bedroom, we think this could be a very thoughtful gift -- at least it's better than a singing telegram.
Life Medicine
Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia
The best tequila is the kind you sip, and this bottle, from Jose Cuervo's Reserva de la Familia line, is just what he needs (especially during the cold, hard winter months).

A family secret for 10 generations, Reserva de la Familia ($135) was released 20 years ago in limited batches, each year's bottle packaged by a beautiful wooden box designed by a different artist.

The bottle itself is a gift, hand-blown and sealed in wax. It can be engraved for $10 more.
A Short Cut
If you don't want to schlep over that much money for something that he's just going to drink, this wooden bottle, called the Oak Bottle Original Master Infuser ($79.95), is designed specifically to speed up the aging process. It gives lower-end liquors, such as tequila, a bit of an aged flavor, faster. In other words, silver tequila becomes añejo in just 2 days.
Tools For Self-Improvement
Baxter of California
A wet shave kit is something every guy needs and that most guys want, but it's usually priced out of their budget.

This kit ($125), from Baxter of California, comes with everything a guy needs to get the best shave of his life: cream, a brush to lather it on, aftershave balm and a chrome double-edge safety razor.
Something That Will Last
Tom Cridland
Fashion can come in and out of style in a matter of months, but some pieces are timeless. A white oxford shirt, a navy blue suit, Ray-Ban Wayfarers. These are all essentials to any man's wardrobe. So is a sweatshirt, but in today's world of "fast fashion," there's a good chance it will fall apart or shrink within a few years.

British designer Tom Cridland wanted to raise awareness to the disposability of modern fashion, so he created the 30-Year Sweatshirt ($82.50), a comfortable, well-built shirt that comes with a 30-year guarantee.
An Experience
Richard Carey via Getty Images
"I've been dying, dying, DYING to take scuba diving lessons, which have been on the top of my Christmas list since high school," Curtis Wong, the deputy editor of HuffPost's Gay Voices section, said. But because it's too expensive, his wish lives on.

Now that studies show how experiences, not things, make us happier, something like a pair of plane tickets for a weekend in the next state over, or cooking lessons on how to use a grill, would be a great gift.
A Best Friend
Jody Trappe Photography via Getty Images
As if we needed proof, there are tons of studies out that show how better our lives are with dogs in them. But the one that sums it up is this: We become exponentially happier just by looking into our dog's eyes.

A 2009 study by Miho Nagasawa of Azabu University in Japan found that your level of oxytocin (the neurohormone that gives us the happiness feeling) raised intensely when interacting with a dog, and especially in those who looked longer into their dog's eyes.

You can't be there for your guy all the time. But this dog will surely make up for it (just be ready to take a backseat every once in a while).

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