What Do Veterans and Race-Car Drivers Have in Common?

As a race-car driver and a veteran of the Iraq War, it may seem like we do not have a lot in common... but we have found a mission that we need to work together on. Each day we are disturbed to watch as more than $1 billion is sent overseas as a result of our addiction to oil, and it is proven that many of those dollars are spent to fund road-side bombs and bullets that the extremists groups use to fight our troops. Together, we believe it is time for our nation to pursue energy independence and secure America with clean energy.

This weekend, we are proud of launching an innovative partnership that we think can help find new champions to join us in calling for breaking America's addiction to oil. We are excited about launching the Race to Energy Independence as the veterans of Operation Free are partnering with Leilani's racing team to talk to NASCAR's 79 million racing fans about the connections between national security and energy.

We are teaming up for the ARCA Series Kansas Lottery 150 race at Kansas Speedway to spread the message that America needs to compete in a "Race to Energy Independence."

Watch our Operation Free car live on Speed TV.

Racing fans, like most Americans, want a future where our energy security is ensured. Partnering the veterans of Operation Free with a dynamic person like Leilani and her team will help us reach a vast, new audience with our message that energy independence and addressing climate change are national security priorities that we can all support. America needs to compete in the "Race to Energy Independence" for more jobs, less pollution and greater security.

Leilani's car, the #59 Dodge Charger, will be the first race car ever to display images of solar panels and wind turbines. These images, along with the Operation Free logo and "Race to Energy Independence," will deliver our message that our current energy policy threatens our national security. The race will air at 5 p.m. EST on the Speed Channel.

Learn more about Leilani's incredible efforts.

Operation Free is a coalition of veterans and national security organizations dedicated to securing America with clean energy. Operation Free sponsors the Veterans for American Power National Tour, a 29 state tour by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans making the connection between energy policy and national security.

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