What Do You Mean Democrats Have No Ideas?!?!

Talk to any Democrat running for re-election today. And you'll get the same set of goals.
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I am sick and tired of reading about Democrats in disarray.

There it was again, in the Washington Post yesterday, the headline: "Amid GOP troubles, Democrats have no unified message."

Looking at mid-term elections of 2006, political reporters are incapable of writing about all the monumental screw-ups of George Bush and Republicans, without immediately adding: Yeah, but Democrats are worse.

What a bunch of lazy idiots. They could not be more wrong.

What's this b.s. about Republicans being so united? Bill Frist and Denny Hastert are leading the fight against George Bush's Arab ports deal. Chuck Hagel's the biggest critic of the war in Iraq. Tom Tancredo accuses Bush of doing nothing about illegal immigration. And Republicans shot down Harriet Miers.

Compared to Republicans, Democrats look like Brokeback buddies.

And what do they mean Democrats have no ideas?

Granted, Democrats have published no 50-point plan. After all, they're Democrats.

But, talk to any Democrat running for re-election today. And you'll get the same set of goals:

*Iraq - set a timetable for bringing the troops home.

*Tax cuts - replace Bush's tax cuts for the rich - with tax cuts for the middle class.

*Social Security - make it secure and protect it.

*Health Insurance - provide it for 45 million Americans who don't have any.

* National security - give first responders the tools they were promised by George Bush, but never received.

And that's just for starters.

But, to tell the truth, Democrats don't need a lot of ideas.

In 2006, they've got something even more important going for them.

In 2006, the one big, winning ticket for Democrats is very simple: They're not George Bush! That's all they need to win.

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