What Do You Mean, First Semester Finals Are Here?!

Ah, finals. The bane of everyone's existence. On one hand, first semester finals scare us to death because it means that the school year is already half-way over. On the other hand, they also scare us because they're FINALS. (By the way, do not ask me what I'm doing writing this instead of studying for my terrifying AP US History final because I don't know, either.)

In honor of having survived the first half of the school year (almost) and in honor of first semester exams, I decided to write a little something...

Furiously hoping for an entire week of snow days.
I think I'm going crazy.
Really hoping I don't forget to put my name on my exam.
So many things to remember.
Take a good night's rest? Yeah, right.

Sooooo, does anybody know what any of this means?
Everyone is in a full-blown panic. I feel THE FEELS.
Maybe the teacher will forget about finals?
Err, what do you mean, the semester exam will take up two 90-minute class periods?!
Save me save me save me save me.
To whoever invented finals: WHY.
Even Eeyore is happier than I am.
RIP the students who took too many finals and died of overdose.

Final day of finals = brain dead and past caring.
Is it over yet?
Nobody thinks they passed.
And it's over. We survived. Barely.
La la la la la I'M FREE!!!!
Shoot. Winter break homework. WHY.

That's basically how most of us feel on finals week, whether it's first semester finals or end-of-the-year finals, right? Right? (I better be right because otherwise this is really bad mojo for finals.) Anyways, I have my fingers crossed for great results and for maybe two hours of sleep per night, and I hope everyone else has a great finals week! (Well, as great as finals week can get.)