What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Through these many years, I have stood side by side chatting with women as they gazed at their reflections in the mirror. Sounds easy. How does a mirror work? The answer is just to look at it! Yet why is this easy exercise sometimes so demoralizing and difficult?

I believe that when a woman looks into the mirror she sees every insecurity she has built up in her psyche her entire life. I stand there and see the outside looking great. She stands there seriously gazing within and saying things that do not equate with what I see. Why is this?

The mirror reflects our feelings about ourselves. It reminds us that we never lost those five pounds. It reminds us of all the comments that were said to us by friends and family...positive and negative. Even as I have worked with many bariatric patients that have achieved the body they have dreamed about they still see their prior selves.

Let’s stop this mirror nonsense right now. Play along with me and make the mirror your new best friend! Each day stand there and have the courage to look at yourself and find five very positive things that you see reflected back at you! Say out loud that you love that best friend you see. Smile and know that every day you are increasing the positives and eliminating the negatives. Erase the old tapes and replace them with a new outlook. I have played this exercise with many of my private clients. The results were amazing. Their comments about themselves focused on what they admired about their architecture and style. Their inner glow showed on the outside. Now it is your turn to take the mirror challenge. It's easy! It's rewarding. Here you go!

Let me know how this exercise changed your appearance inside and out at jax6014@aol.com.

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