What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up? Part Four of Five

Yes, it happened! I now travel the nation sharing motivational and informational keynote presentations on dressing from the inside out. As part of these events, I always ask my audiences if they have ever had a special dream. Many raise their hands and in unison say yes! Then I ask the all important question. Have you pursued these dreams and made them come true? Only a few hands go up and the room becomes very quiet. There is a statement that I am sure many of you have heard numerous times. "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." I believe that to be true. The passage in my life as a human resource director was not a love of mine, but it did give me the push I needed to create a career out of all the pieces of the past that gave me joy and fulfillment.

One day, while reading one of the many books that gave me ideas and energy for the important messages that I wanted to impart, I discovered the words personal branding. Curious about this combination of words I read on. I understood branding of a corporation and the millions they spent to teach their audiences what to expect of them. "Personal Branding" sparked an interest in me. How could I create a brand for me personally that would pique the interest of prospective clients? The light bulb went off. The word Closetology was the key and now I needed to define my personal use of it. They also say that nothing is original so I noodled on how to make it mine.

While sitting on the set of a local TV interview show, the anchor asked: "What does Closetology mean?" I sat up proudly and said, "Closetology is a search for self-esteem through the psychology of your closet and clothing." She loved it and went on to ask various questions. She wanted to know why there were so many things she never wore. She was curious why she had so many issues with making decisions on what to wear each morning. She was invested in a private consultation while on live television. I smiled to myself and instantly knew that my personal brand of Closetology and it's unique meaning had been born.

Years past with many media and live speaking appearances across the country giving me great joy and satisfaction. I learned so much from thousands of women and men as they shared their personal stories with me. Then another question started to surface at each location. "Do you have a book? I want to take this information home with me." I didn't have a book. I had never even thought about writing a book. That was really a big dream!

I asked everyone I came in contact with if they would like a book based on dressing from the inside out and some of the other topics that had materialized through the years. What does business casual dress mean? How to pack a suitcase easily and effectively? These were only a couple of the chapters I imagined would work. In 2003, I co-authored my first book with Simon and Schuster called "I DON'T HAVE A THING to WEAR, The Psychology of Your Closet."

I can recall that first time I stood in front of an audience and held my book in my hands. It had taken three long years and many adventures as the pages were created. Even dreams you have never imagined can come true!

Have you ever had a dream? Have you made it come true? Each day brings a chance to do that. Join me for Part Five the final selection of this series. The journey and dreams continue!

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