What Does Fulfillment Mean To You?

When was last time you stood still for a few minutes and asked yourself 'am I fulfilled?'

On a recent holiday I felt compelled to write the word 'fulfilment' in the sand. It felt great to stand back and see this word which has had such a profound impact on my journey to start my business just over two ago.

Fulfilment will mean different things to different people. In essence, to me it's a feeling of completeness, of achieving what you dreamed of and a true sense of purpose. It's about grasping the here and now, basking in it and then taking the good parts and carrying them forward onto the next steps of the journey. 

"I know that I feel different when I feel fulfilled. I carry myself differently, standing taller, holding my head up high in touch with every part of my body. My eyes glisten more, I feel connected. Connected to my purpose and my heart."

Being the true perfectionist I am, it took me three attempts to write the word in the sand before I was happy with it. I guess in a way that is true for us in terms of achieving fulfilment too. We need to explore different pathways and experiences in order to learn what fulfilment means to us. There is something so powerful about a real sense of connection of our life purpose and what we were put on this earth to succeed in. 

As I looked back at the photo I had taken later that day, it suddenly occurred to me that people walking along the beach that day would have passed these three versions of my work. I wondered what they would have thought as they passed it.


  • Would they have stopped and looked at it? 
  • I guess the question is are we as a nation so busy rushing around that they wouldn't have noticed it anyway? Do we walk with our heads down and thinking about what we need to do next? Or are there other curious people out there who would have stopped, read it and wondered why it was there?

  • Would they have asked themselves what it meant it them?  
  • How often do we walk past graffiti, posters, billboards and not actually read what is on them - are we dismissive of all the written media we have around us? Maybe sometimes these things are there for us to read, as the universe prompts us. Just a thought...Maybe the title of this blog even caught your eye and is a message for you.

  • Would it have ignited a passion to follow a lifetime dream?

Perhaps the word may have acted as a catalyst for someone to really take a moment and consider what they are doing with their life and whether it makes them feel happy. So often in life we are so busy rushing around and thinking about what we need to do next. Take a virtual walk along that beach I wrote on that day, stand still for a few minutes and ask yourself

'Am I fulfilled?'

'What does fulfilment really mean to me?'

I wonder which category of people you belong to...