What Does It Feel Like To Be Played Like A Piccolo?

All day long, administration leakers jerked the media's chain. "It's Judge Edith 1," they whispered, on double super duper background. Then: "No, it's Judge Edith 2!" If the day had been longer, no doubt the Bushies would have tossed even more red herrings to the clapping seals.

The Washington press corps, nanoseconds after being forced to admit how humiliatingly it had been spun by Turd Blossom, just lapped it all up. Leak on me again, they begged their sweet sources. Hit me with another scoop, Scottie, hard! The media show all the signs of domestic abuse pathology: they've been repeatedly battered and lied to, yet they just can't bring themselves to flee the lethally dysfunctional relationship.

They don't need a shield law; they need a 12 Step program.