How Can You Be Authentic? A Fun and Easy Test!

How Can You Be Authentic? A Fun and Easy Test!
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Are you authentic?

The same person wherever you are -- with your closest friends, at work and then with strangers?

Maybe it doesn't matter to you but most people care about being one way; being the same person in every aspect of their lives; being who they truly are.

Here's a simple and fun experiment to try. I learned it in coaching school and it's an inspirational eye opener.

It's called -- How Would People Describe You?

1. Take a piece of paper and divide it into 3 columns.

2. Number each column: Column # 1 / Column # 2 / Column # 3

3. In column # 1 write 'Close Friends'
In column # 2 write 'Co-Workers'
In column # 3 write 'Strangers'

4. Start with Column #1 and write down all the words that your 'close friends' would use to describe you. Then move to # 2 and write down all the words your 'co-workers' would use and finally do the same with the 'strangers' column. How would a stranger see and describe you?

When you're done ask: Are all 3 columns the same?

Are you the same person to close friends and co-workers and strangers?

This exercise will encourage you to be your true and authentic self always -- living your beliefs and values wherever you are, in any situation.

Being authentic is a choice.

See what you want for your life and then live it!

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