What Does the #BeNumberless Movement Mean?

Photo: Nico Stipcianos, Fashion: Viviana Gabeiras, Graphics: Juan Tauber,  Hair: Marco Peña
Photo: Nico Stipcianos, Fashion: Viviana Gabeiras, Graphics: Juan Tauber,  Hair: Marco Peña

I’ve spent more than a decade doing the opposite of what society and culture allows a woman to do at my age. It turns out that for society, culture, and HOLLYWOOD, age is like a disease, a number with an expiration date. The bigger the number, the bigger the limitations are on finding a job in the corporate world; and if you are in the entertainment world good luck being considered.

As part of WebCityGirls latest digital strategy, I shared a new bilingual lifestyle concept and movement titled #BeNumberless (Spanish #SerSinNumero) in a heartfelt interview with beloved Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino hoping that, through the power of social media, we can start changing society’s perception of age. Instead of obsessing over a number, we need to refocus attention on who we are as human beings and all of the goodness we bring to the world. Although it is a huge challenge to get society to stop judging women based on age, I am committed to get this conversation amplified online.

I am grateful that TOP Latino Celebrities like Chino y Nacho, J. Balvin, Chiqui Delgado and so many more supporting the MOVEMENT with videos and pictures.

Society tells us how to dress, how to act and look; and it constantly criticizes us for trivial things, including who we choose to date. We can’t even date men who are younger or older than us without being condemned for it. Our society and culture has made us believe that age is a life sentence with limitations after we reach a certain number. Therefore, the #BeNumberless MOVEMENT aims to change the critical mentality in our culture regarding a woman’s age and to encourage the world to STOP defining us by a number, which is an obstacle faced by women of all ages.

I am living proof that in life one is not defined by the number of years lived in this world. I completely reinvented myself in the digital space, creating my new reality with tenacity and determination and proving along the way that anyone can start a new dream, love, or adventure without the fear of being told one is too young or too old. It’s about having the will and the unstoppable energy to transcend the number by which society defines us. With truthful, upbeat communication and a positive attitude, I have defied the stereotype of age, both in social media and in real life.

Maria Marin and I at #BeNumberless launch party:

Photo: Daunier Estevez, Fashion: Rosita Hurtado, Hair and Make-up: Rocco Donna
Photo: Daunier Estevez, Fashion: Rosita Hurtado, Hair and Make-up: Rocco Donna

In speaking with a dear friend Marger, who is an unbelievably talented singer, I have learned that she has faced many challenges as a result of her age. For example, at just 24 years old the entertainment industry told her she was already too old to be successful. Instead of giving up, though, she fought against society’s age-based discrimination and achieved her dream.  I love to relate Marger’s views on time to age because it enforces the idea that age does not hold as much weight as we once thought it did. “Time does not really exist,” she told me. “It is the speed of light and gravity. The speed of light is a reality; it is a mathematical equation.” So if time doesn’t really exist as we think it does and the speed of light is just a mathematical equation, then age must only exist as a number and nothing more. 

Do not let society dictate what you are allowed to do because of your age. You are NOT a NUMBER. Do not let a NUMBER determine how you live your life. Leave it aside and become unstoppable: #BeNumberless. I promise you will achieve a highly fulfilled life of confidence, success, and happiness.

Please visit the new #BeNumberless section at webcitygirls.com, where you can share your story of how this concept impacts you positively and helps you achieve your dreams.

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