What Does The Fox ACTUALLY Say: Ylvis Song Gets Real Fox Re-Mix (VIDEO)

A surreal video from Norweigian comedy duo Ylvis, "The Fox," has become the hottest (and strangest) end-of-summer-jam on the Internet, racking up over four million views in under three days.

The premise of the poppy tune is that while most animals have a clear signature sound -- “Dog goes woof. Cat goes meow,” -– the fox's sound has, until now, remained mysterious. But while the song makes a valiant attempt to shed light on the fox's call, some are disputing the accuracy of the fox sounds in the video.

For those who have recently become curious about the true vocal capabilities of these mischievous canidae, we've remixed the song to set the record straight.

It might not be quite as catchy as the original version but there’s no denying that it’s more adorable.

Watch the remix above.

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