What Does the Phrase 'Gets Your Goat' Have to Do With Horse Racing?

Have you ever heard of a famous everyday phrase, but never knew what it really means or where it came from? Well, now you can be the smartest student in class -- grab your notebook and a seat, it's time to learn some awesome trivia on "Famous Phrases!"

HooplaHa's hysterical new hit web series "Famous Phrases" brings you to the front row of the classroom to meet Professor Good N' Well, an expert on everything words! He'll take you through history as we find out the origins of words and phrases we hear and use every day. In this week's episode, Professor Good N' Well sits in his living room reading one of his favorite books about American baseball. However, he gets frustrated when he's unable to read the fine print with his magnifying glass. Aggravated by this, he exclaims that the book seems to be "getting his goat!" Looking for answers on the origin of this phrase, Professor Good N' Well asks his faithful students on the street where they think it came from.

Professor Good N' Well is played by comedian Eddie Brill. With more than 100 appearances in both TV and film, Eddie is best known for his work on The Late Show with David Letterman and is also a regular contributor to HooplaHa.

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