What Your Lipstick Says About Your Personality

What Your Lipstick Says About Your Personality

We all wear our lipstick down differently, but that doesn't mean that lipstick tubes necessarily reflect that. One lip care company, Bite Beauty Lip Lab, has addressed the lipstick packaging problem head on and created tubes that reflect not only the shape of your lipstick, but also your personality.

Developed by Bite's founder and creative director, Susanne Langmuir, the four tubes are also "supposed to translate to different characteristics of a woman's creativity and individuality," Brigid Kozak, an artist at Bite, told us. "Depending on the curve or angle of your lipstick, you might be a really creative person or more of a risk taker."


We decided to delve a little deeper into this packaging idea and, with the help of Kozak and Bite Beauty, outline what your lipstick says about you. Scroll down to see what you find out what your lipstick says:

1. If your lipstick bullet has a steep angle...

That means you are: Self-confident, well-balanced and have a love for detail. You can't be controlled!

2. If your lipstick bullet is concave...

That means you are: Creative, energetic and a risk taker that always gets noticed.

3. If your lipstick bullet makes a center point...

That means you are: A truth seeker, meticulous and enthusiastic. You find it hard to settle down.

4. If your lipstick bullet makes a curved angle...

That means you are: Someone who is the creative with a strong personality and spirit. You typically go your own way.

Kozak made sure to mention that the lipstick descriptions are best to treated like a horoscope -- not totally scientific, but definitely a lot of fun. "We may not believe it 100 percent," said Kozak, "But we try to find those same characteristics within us."

All graphics created by Tiara Chiaramonte of The Huffington Post.

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