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What Does Your Starbucks Order Say About You?

You've got a Starbucks standby drink, and that's perfectly okay.
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It's hard to imagine a time before Starbucks brought on the American coffee revolution. Before the heyday of those familiar green-and-white awnings on street corners in every major city, coffee was more like medicine: a caffeine charged fixative to keep us awake until lunch. But something beautiful happened with the advent of Starbucks: coffee became personal. What we took in our coffee began to be more complicated than cream or sugar, and we all collectively began to try things we never thought we'd be able to pronounce, much less order -- frappuccinos, lattes, double espressos.

Coffee with friends became the new lunch with friends, and experimenting with our orders become just as much fun as trying braised quail instead of boring chicken. Late-night college study sessions began to require Tall Red Eyes instead of pots of black coffee. An afternoon on the beach meant swinging thought the drive-through and picking up a Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino before oiling up and diving in.

However, somewhere between late nights in the library freshman year and nine o'clock traffic to entry-level jobs, the experimenting ends. Picking our go-to Starbucks drink has become a new American rite of passage, and whether you're a grande hazelnut macchiato or an iced venti soy pumpkin spice latte, your drink has become part of your personality, a product of dozens of cardboard cups' worth of searching for the coffee you salivate for, Pavlov's dog-style, whenever you smell fresh ground beans. Imagining a perfectly made, piping hot grande mocha, no whip, has become part of the pleasure of drinking it.

Admit it, you've been in Starbucks, ready for the order that has become your order, and been completely bummed when they were out of a syrup you love or your standard 2 percent milk. A vanilla latte simply isn't the same as a skinny vanilla latte, and you've developed your Starbucks palate so well that you can immediately taste the difference. If you've ever said to a barista "Excuse me, but I think you maybe switched out toffee for almond?" you're no first timer. You've got a Starbucks standby drink, and that's perfectly okay.

Upside Down Caramel Macchiato
A sweet tooth is usually indicative of a sweet nature. You like life, and coffee, to be fun. You’re not above spontaneously singing along to the new Sara Bareilles playing on the speakers if conversation drops off during your coffee date. Photo Credit: © Flickr / ishellClick Here to see More on What Your Starbucks Order Say About You?
Pumpkin Spice Latte
You wait all year for this, and when Starbucks, at long last, puts out that sign reading “Pumpkin Spice Is Back”, you’re the first in line. You probably get teased for your obsession with Pumpkin Spice, Downton Abbey, and Christmas, but why just like something when you can love it? Photo Credit: Starbucks
You could call it café au lait, but where’s the fun in that? A little mysterious and totally sophisticated, you like your coffee classic, but not if you have to say it in a way that’s boring. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Iana PeraltaClick Here to see More on What Your Starbucks Order Say About You?
Dirty Chai
This drink tastes as fun as it is to order. You probably have a kick-ass recipe for vegan chicken salad, and even though that is the actual opposite of chicken salad, your friends begrudgingly have to admit it’s pretty good. Photo Credit: © Flickr / GMWDesign
Medium Coffee, Black
You’re not a crowd follower, and your refuse to give in to Starbucks’ corporate lingo. You wanted a coffee, not a linguistics lesson. You see no reason to complicate things with a lot of artificial sweeteners and made up sounds. You would never say practicality is your middle name because, um, it’s not. Click Here to see More on What Your Starbucks Order Say About You?Photo Credit: Starbucks

-Emily Alford, The Daily Meal

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