This New Site Will Instantly Tell You What Dog You Are

We can't all be golden retrievers.

Were you woefully disappointed when Twitter account YouAreDogNow never got back to you with your canine doppelgänger?

Are you still dying to know what you’d look like in dog form?

Don't worry. is here to save the day. Upload a photo and the site will instantly give you your dog breed analysis, complete with a personality assessment.

This intrepid reporter is a poodle.

The personality profiles can be surprisingly insightful. It's true, Donald Trump has the potential to do a lot of damage and could probably use some training. 

The site is the web version of Microsoft's new Fetch!, an App that does the same thing, according to Slate. However, it appears that Fetch! gives results that are far more in-depth.

Apparently, it’s not actually very good at determining the breeds of actual dogs, though.

Can’t win ‘em all.

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