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What Donald Trump and Jim Cramer Have in Their Wallets

When it comes to matters of the heart and wallet, we wanted to know what these life and finance gurus carry around with them.
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By Christina Lavingia, Editor

A wallet is an incredibly personal item. With cash, credit card information, membership cards and photos of loved ones, a wallet contains both what we need to get by day to day and items that show what what we care about most. Additionally, wallets reveal how well we manage our finances, from how much cash we have on hand to the kinds of credit cards we use.

When it comes to matters of the heart and wallet, we wanted to know what these life and finance gurus carry around with them.

We asked these experts two questions:

1. What's always in your wallet (aside from your I.D.)?

2. What would you never carry in your wallet and why?

Here are their answers.

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Donald Trump

In December 2013,
Donald Trump
appeared on "Piers Morgan Live." The hotel mogul and television personality stated that he doesn't carry a wallet on him at all.

"I have very little cash on me," Trump said. "I like to keep it that way. You know it's very sad. I go to a restaurant and almost every time they say, 'Mr. Trump, it's on me,' the owner: 'Mr. Trump it's on me, no charge, Mr. Trump,' no I never need cash."

Instead of carrying cash, or a wallet to hold it in, Trump carries two cellphones, one iPhone and one Samsung.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore


Jim Cramer

Long-time host of CNBC's "Mad Money," Jim Cramer's television show features guest interviews, audience calls and his candid opinions on the markets. As the founder of TheStreet, columnist for its Real Money premium service and author of numerous books, his commentary is consumed by readers and viewers every day. As someone whose expertise lies in Wall Street investing, he carries a reminder of where he's been at all times.

"I keep a little piece of paper tucked into my wallet, a cut out of my daily portfolio run on the single worst day of my hedge fund, October 8, 1998, a date that at least for me, will live in infamy," Cramer said.

Photo courtesy of Jim Cramer


Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Author of 13 books and host of three prime-time shows, Gail Vaz-Oxlade is a financial expert who has shared her knowledge on radio, television and in print. With the goal of helping people gain control over their finances, Vaz-Oxlade keeps her wallet full of tools she needs to cover her needs, while also being mindful of her personal information.

"In my wallet are my two cash-back credit cards (one for business, one for pleasure) and one debit card, money (I usually have about $200) and reward cards like my Costco membership card, Airmiles and my hotel points cards," Vaz-Oxlade said. "Oh, and a checkbook. I would never carry my government cards (health or social insurance). My social insurance number lives in my head and I carry a color photocopy of my health card. It always works."

Photo courtesy of Gail Vaz-Oxlade


Kim Kiyosaki

Wife of personal finance expert
Robert Kiyosaki
Kim Kiyosaki
wrote about entrepreneurship from a female perspective in "Happiness: Empowerment and Freedom Through Entrepreneurship." As an entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio host and founder of, Kiyosaki seeks to provide financial education to her viewers.

When it comes to what she does, and doesn't, carry in her wallet, Kiyosaki keeps it simple.

"I carry a picture of my five-year-old puppy, Cutie," Kiyosaki said. "And my global rescue card because Robert and I travel to some unique places and, if needed, they will rescue us from absolutely anywhere in the world. I don't carry an AARP card. I don't do the aging thing very well."

Photo courtesy of Kim Kiyosaki


April Masini

Relationship expert April Masini is the voice behind Masini has written four dating advice books and her advice column is critically acclaimed. When it comes to her wallet, past experiences have impacted what she now carries within it.

"Since having my passport stolen from my hotel room in Switzerland this year, I always keep a copy of my passport as well as my driver's license in my wallet," Masini said. "If your passport is stolen, or if you lose your driver's license, having that copy of them will save you tremendous time and hassle -- especially if you're traveling abroad.

"I also keep a list of prescription medicine and dosages, as well as what I'm allergic to -- it's not just handy in case you're in an accident, it's great if you're at a new doctor's office and they want you to remember all this stuff. I just pull out the copy I keep (and replace it later)."

Masini keeps important records on hand, but there are two common items found in wallets and purses that she leaves at the register.

"Change," Masini said. "It's obsolete. It falls out. When you try to pick it up, you usually bang heads with someone, drop something else or skin your knees. Not worth it. 'Keep the change,' is a great phrase. Photos that are paper. I love having images of my loved ones, but they get tattered and creepy in my wallet, so I've got every photo I need on my smart phone."

Photo courtesy of April Masini

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