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50 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do By 50

Change a tire, carve a turkey, ask for a raise. Last week we listed these as some of the things every woman should know how to do by age 50. But what about the men? Surely women aren’t the only half of the population who should be imbued with a certain amount of knowledge by the time they reach midlife.

Throughout the past few days we have reached out to our male bloggers and Huff/Post 50 readers to find out what they thought every man should know how to do by the age of 50. "By the time a man turns 50, he should be able to be in touch with his feelings," Huff/Post50 blogger Mark Chimsky said. Blogger Bill Kelley said that, by 50, every man should "retire a story. Everyone you know has heard at least once about the time you saw the Replacements and Paul Westerberg nearly fell over." Blogger Al DeLuise said every man should "know how to shop for clothes. I was once given a list of specific stores not to buy from because apparently 50-year-olds don't wear Abercrombie shirts."

Below we have compiled their list and made a few additions. Is there anything you’d like to add? Let us know in comments.

By 50, men should know how to:

  1. Please a woman
  2. Clean up after themselves
  3. Make small talk
  4. Take care of their health and go to the doctor regularly
  5. Say "I'm sorry" and mean it
  6. Do laundry
  7. Listen wholeheartedly
  8. Be nurturing to their mate
  9. Make themselves vulnerable
  10. Dress themselves well
  11. Change a tire
  12. Unhook a bra
  13. Say “I love you” and mean it
  14. Properly put on a tie
  15. Sew a button
  16. Iron clothing
  17. Shop for clothing
  18. Make restaurant reservations
  19. Approach a woman
  20. Make a bed
  21. Ask for help
  22. Break up a fight
  23. Lose an argument
  24. Set the table
  25. Firmly shake hands
  26. Change a diaper
  27. Babysit
  28. Perform CPR
  29. Avoid a hangover
  30. Have a long-term retirement plan
  31. Show affection towards a male friend
  32. Be faithful to their partner
  33. Recommend restaurants
  34. Have a platonic female friend
  35. Stand up for themselves in a respectful way
  36. Make a signature meal that’s more complicated than Easy Mac
  37. Give themselves a clean, good shave
  38. Keep their ear and nose hair in check
  39. Wash the dishes
  40. Spot when a woman is interested or just being polite
  41. Give to a charitable cause
  42. Invest wisely
  43. Cry without embarrassment
  44. Drive a stick shift
  45. Comfort someone
  46. Buy a great present
  47. Choose scotch/whiskey
  48. Erect a tent
  49. Dance, at least a little
  50. Impress their partner’s parents

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