What Fraternities Would Look Like If They Were Feminist

Frat bros would be so much hotter.

Fact: Feminist frats bros are cooler than non-feminist frat bros. 

Created by MTV’s Braless, the 4-minute clip features a group of men pledging a fraternity. Two of the pledges in the group get hazed by fraternity brothers, but it’s not the horrific hazing most pledges have to endure ― it’s feminist hazing. 

Before any of the hazing takes place, however, the brothers ask for affirmative consent or, as they explain in the video “a strong, confident yes.” After both pledges give their affirmative consent to partake in the hazing, the brothers make them field some (truly awesome) feminist questions.

The questions include how to be body-positive if a brother gains weight, what to do when a girl drinks too much at a party and why everyone should discuss intersectionality more. 

As one of the brothers says: “Here at Lambda Alpha Lambda we keep the toxic masculinity in check, bro.”

Fraternities everywhere, take note. 



Fraternities Out of Control