What French People Really Think of the U.S.

The French have a lot of things to explain to us about Paris, but turns out they also have a lot of things to explain to us about... erm... us.
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The French have a lot of things to explain to us about Paris, but turns out they also have a lot of things to explain to us about... erm... us.

Under the working theory that stereotypes are fantastic, we sat down with a bunch of true-blue young Frenchies (who, in a shocking twist, actually don't mind that nickname) to find out exactly what they think of their frenemies across the pond. Among them: a music writer, a Parliamentary assistant, a librarian, a marketing manager, a social advocate, and a photo technician, all with well-formed (if not well-informed) opinions on American culture, politics, and people.

After several bottles of cheap rosé and at least 17 baguettes, we were left this:


On Food

"This Girl Scout cookie (Ed note: it was a Samoa) looks like fried chicken. Gateau au poulet."

"There are shops just for cheesecake!"

"They're always drinking out of those red cups. Communist cups."

"America is entirely pictures of chicken wrapped in bacon."

"Onion rings are a good thing."

"Restaurant servers are really nice."

"There is a food hypocrisy. Someone will go into a restaurant and not eat the yellow of the eggs because they think it's unhealthy, but then drink a huge soda."

"Waka Flocka once tweeted when he was in France with a hashtag about French food but he was at Flunch or something. That's really funny."

"They love kale!"


On Pop Culture

"Everyone in NY watches Friends and as you progress down South everyone watches NASCAR and is in love with Chuck Norris."

"Commercials in the United States are always yelling at me."

"Spring Break woo woo girls... a girl gets a new boyfriend... woo woo girls, you know?"

"There is a weird balance between really religious people and Spring Break."

"You have great sports. Except American football. And baseball. Okay, I just like the NHL and basketball."

"In fact, it's a little bit like a teen movie. The athlete, the popular pretty girl..."

"Bros are scary."


On Geography

"There are reasonable Americans... and then there are Texans."

"California is stupid, superficial, and exercise too much."

"I know that LA... I think I hate it."

"Clément is afraid of rednecks but he probably prefers them over people from LA."

"Miami is where you go to die."

"We would prefer to have Canada instead of Belgium because they are French but they succeeded."

"They don't know how to use roundabouts."

"If a French person talks to an American, we will say France is the best place. But if we speak to another French person, we will both agree that France sucks."

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