What Fumes?

Remember FEMA's pledge to test its trailers for formaldehyde fumes?
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For those people who still don't believe that the federal government is doing everything possible to avoid any responsibility for anything connected to the flooding disaster in New Orleans, this note: remember FEMA's pledge to test its trailers for formaldehyde fumes? Well, according to Thursday's Times-Picayune, reporting on the agency's decision to close down the remaining trailer parks in Lousiana:

The agency has been careful not to attribute park closures to concerns about formaldehyde, which has been found at dangerous levels in some trailers. In a "Frequently Asked Questions" flier released Wednesday, a question asked: "Is FEMA closing parks because of formaldehyde?" FEMA answered: "Trailers were intended as short-term housing solutions. Rental resources are increasingly available in Louisiana and are more appropriate for long-term housing."

Testing of local units was scheduled to begin this month but has been postponed. It should begin "very soon," Josephson said.

This was testing that was originally scheduled to have been conducted months ago. In the meantime, of course, residents of the trailers have been exposed to months more of whatever it is that's in those vehicle/residences. I'm sure certain commenters are asking, "Why didn't they take personal responsibility and test themselves?"

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