What Gandhi Wants You To Know About The Power Of Positive Thinking

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

What does this mean? How does it embody the power of positive thinking... and how does it instruct us on finding happiness?

We think, we speak words, and we take action. But when our words and actions are not in alignment, we are essentially teaching ourselves and others that we can't be trusted.

In other words, our thoughts, words and actions lack integrity. This can erode our sense of trust in ourselves, which in turn, can chip away at our self-esteem.

Feeling good about yourself is the foundation for positive thinking, and living a happy life.

We must love ourselves before we can love and serve others

We are "thinking" beings. It's impossible for us NOT to think. Then, we speak our thoughts. As we do this, our thoughts leave the realm of the non-physical, and enter into the world of form.

When our actions don't match our words, we are out of alignment. When what we do is not what we said we'd do, then we are also out of integrity.

If a friend says they are going to do something and they don't do it... do you begin to doubt them when this pattern happens time and again?

What happens if you experience this within yourself? Have you ever not kept your word to yourself?

You may THINK: "I want to be healthy and fit."

You may then SAY: "I'm going to cut out sugar in my diet, and I'm going to do a cleanse."


But what you DO is: Grab that last piece of raspberry danish on the way out the door, because you're in a hurry and it's a convenient snack.

Can you see how not taking action in alignment with what you are thinking or saying can result in a lack of harmony -- a lack of integrity?

Can you see how this disharmony can result in a lack of self-respect and confidence in yourself, and ultimately... unhappiness?

If we can't trust ourselves to do what we say, how can we trust others? Our world becomes smaller and smaller.

The good news is that we are in complete control here. If we want to feel more aliveness or more freedom, and thus more happiness -- if we want to feel better about ourselves, as a person -- we can start by increasing our level of personal integrity.

Begin honoring your word in the name of self-love

I've created specific tools and techniques to keep me stay on track with maintaining a sense of personal integrity.

One of them is to schedule things that I say I'm going to do right into my calendar, so that I know I've made time for what's important... whether it's cleaning out the garage, running an errand, or supporting a friend in some way.

The power of positive thinking and doing is attainable with a shift in our perception!

If you're finding that your words and actions are out of alignment, simply write down all of the verbal commitments you've made, both with yourself and others, and then decide what you want to do with them, one by one.

Can you keep the commitment? Or do you need to discard it, or renegotiate it? Be honest. Consider the time it will take and your willingness to follow through on what you think you can do, what you say you will do and your willingness to get it done.

Don't leave any unfulfilled commitments hanging around, because they will actually drain your energy.

When your words and your actions are in harmony, you will come to love and trust yourself on a whole new level. This will then increase your level of happiness and confidence, and ultimately, your overall fulfillment with your life.

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