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What Gordan Ramsay Reveals in His MasterClass Will Surprise You

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What will Gordon Ramsay's MasterClass teach us? originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world..

Answer by Gordon Ramsay, MasterClass Professor, Award Winning Chef, on Quora:

I don't get judged enough today for being a chef. One thing that my MasterClass illustrates is the absolute core of what made me the man I am today, and that's cooking. When David Guggenheim, MasterClass Director, got to me, he broke me down, opened me up and then stuck me in the spotlight and wanted me to explain to him how important food is to me. When he stripped me back and dug deep about my time in Paris, when I had to make it because if I didn't I'd be on my ass, he brought me to tears, very few people have done that. This was only the third time that's happened to me and was in my own house on Masterclass.

Very few programs and shows allow chefs to do what I was able to do. It's the ultimate cookery course that can be as intimate as you wish. The most important lesson is across every chapter. It's not just a team of home economics and chefs working to make me look good. It's me with no one, showing you how to get there if you are dedicated. Whether it's the most amazing scrambled eggs or how to filet fish, or the most amazing Beef Wellington, we've gone from the basics to the middle ground, to the ultimate. We're going to take you to the zenith and you're going to reach out and start from the ground and across twenty chapters get you to the top. Don't rush it, take your time.

We started off with raw ingredients; it's not a Food Network show where everything is prepped, wham bam and seven minutes later there is an amazing dish, you're actually following the journey.

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