What Happened In Copenhagen: Dr. Seuss-Style (VIDEO)

There's lots of angst, disappointment and rehashing about what happened in Copenhagen, but here at HuffPost Green, we got a kick out of this Dr. Seuss-style rhyme that summarizes what happened in Denmark. This podcast from the BBC's The Now Show will give you Copenhagen nerds out there a little laugh.

Highlights include lyrics such as:

Ban Ki-moon put his head in another man's lap/ And was last heard muttering something like "crap"/ But the chap next to him said "It's more like it's poo"/ So the great hall debated not what they should do / But how to decide between crap cack and poo/ "It is poo" "It is cack" "It is crap"/ "We agree"/ Which was written and labelled as document three


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