What Happened to That Little Girl?

What happened to that little girl?

The girl that stood on the edge of the pool looking down at the beautiful, cool, but deep water; the water she wanted to jump into and splash around in, to take as an opportunity for freedom to swim around until blissful exhaustion took over.

The girl that felt the fear of going in over her head, risking it even though she wasn't able to swim, and worse, that she wouldn't reach the surface to breathe.

The girl who, shivering with fear, but with tightly-closed eyes and her courage taking over, jumped from the safety of land to the sheer ecstasy of silent coolness!

What happened to that little girl who wanted her freedom so badly that she was willing to overcome her fear of what might happen?

What happened to that little girl who knew deep in her heart that she would be OK, that she would reach the surface, breathe and make it to the safety of the edge.

What happened to that little girl who did pop up to the surface, giggling hysterically, only to spend the next two hours jumping, splashing and paddling around the pool; playing to her heart's content?

Sitting in the shade on the side watching everyone else having a great time was not for her.

I've got news for you, you are still that little girl.

But somehow, the complex and often complicated life you lead has shown you that sometimes when you jump, you swallow water and come to the surface coughing and gasping for air; feeling like you are going to drown. And for a moment, you realize that you aren't in control and you wonder if you are going to be OK.

So, hesitant to feel out of control and having stayed out of the pool for so very many years, you simply convince yourself that you never really liked playing in the water all that much anyway.

You want to jump in.

You want to splash around.

You want to giggle.

You want to paddle around for hours until you are spent.

Well guess what? You can.

All you have to do is close your eyes and let your courage take over. Yes, the courage that is abundant
within you, even though you haven't let it out.