You Will Never Want To Drink Cola Again After Seeing It Boiled. Be Prepared To Cringe

Do you know what you're actually putting into your body when you take a gulp of your favorite carbonated sugary drink?

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, because after seeing this video posted by Crazy Russian Hacker, you might think twice about that soda in your fridge.

When the soda is boiled, the water evaporates, leaving behind copious amounts of sugar that turn into this:

Yup, it looks like tar.

And while that's just gross, it also quickly makes the point that cola is just sugar water, evidenced by how it boils down to what's essentially caramel.

Though the labels are off the bottles, the red tops remind us of Coca Cola, which contains 65 grams of sugar in one 590 ml bottle, and a whopping 108 grams in a liter. Pepsi is even sweeter, with 69 grams of sugar in a 591 ml bottle and 112 grams in a liter.

Now, here's some food for thought: The American Heart Association writes 180,000 annual deaths may be linked to the consumption of sugary soft drinks.

So next time you want to drink soda, think of your health... and also this video.

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