What Happens When a Go-Go Boy Grows Up? (VIDEO)

I know what you're thinking: "Web series are terrible and annoying; I wish someone would create another one!" And so I did.

Hi! I'm Jimmy Fowlie. At 18 years old I moved out to Los Angeles to go to college, to study, and, most importantly, to give myself nightly alcohol poisoning. Regular binge drinking brought me to a very interesting career path: working as a go-go boy.

My experiences there inspired me to write a show that captures the outrageous characters: larger-than-life drag queens and 19-year-old party boys. And given that the industry relies on pumping new, young boys into the clubs, I was curious about what happens to the boys who age out of their career.

Each week I will release a new episode of "Go-Go Boy Interrupted." Here is the first one! I hope you like it.


Find out more about the show at www.gogoboyinterrupted.com.