Watch What Happens When A Plane Gets Struck By Lightning

It's electric!

Snap, crackle, WHOA!

Two planes got struck by lightning just before landing at London's Heathrow Airport on Wednesday evening, BBC News reports. Passengers reported hearing a loud bang and seeing flashes of light during an ordeal that was caught on mesmerizing video (you can clearly see it happen in the clip above).

Lightning strikes are fairly common in aviation, a British Airways spokesperson confirmed to the BBC. And nowadays, fortunately, they don't usually put passengers in any danger. As Scientific American reports, both metal and composite plane exteriors are engineered to keep electric currents from entering the cabin or affecting the wiring of the plane's electrical systems. Both flights that were hit this week -- one from British Airways and another from Iceland Air -- landed safely at Heathrow.

We'd say this is the best in-flight entertainment that money can't buy.

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