What Happens When Your Bestie Writes Your Online Dating Profile

Who knows you better than your BFF?
No one knows you better than your best friend. (Seriously, if you ever became famous and the two of you had a falling out, he or she could write a killer tell-all book about you.) 
So given all your friend knows, would you let him or her craft your online dating profile? In the BuzzFeed video above, intrepid singles give their besties complete control over their "about me" sections. 
"Bump everything up," one woman advises her friend. "Don't put tall, put supermodel tall."
"Supermodel tall, supermodel funny," her friend types.  
In the end, most of the singles have high hopes for their new, BFF-approved profiles.
"She's putting so much more thought into this than I do in my regular profiles," one guy says. "I think I'll get better matches because she was more honest about who I am than I usually am." 
Watch the clip above to see how it all goes down.


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