What Has Donald Trump Done To The EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency has been frozen by President Donald Trump with an executive order. This isn't good. The EPA protects Americans from risks to their health and the environment. By cutting funding Trump has effectively cut off the agency designed to decrease the risks and fallout of climate change.

Environmental programs and nonprofits will now have their funding cut off. EPA employees are not allowed to talk about this freeze in the media or online. This sort of censorship is very, very serious. It marks a terrifying shift in the balance of power between the President and the American people.

Scott Pruitt has sued the EPA fourteen times and will now be heading up the agency. Pruitt is a climate change denier, and the climate change sections of the EPA's website are being deleted. Although National Parks are rising up in defiance it's not enough. Trump is obviously squashing the EPA so he could bolster up the fossil fuel industry. Domestic production is his obvious goal, whatever the environmental cost, and the EPA stands in the way of his ability to drill and frack on our soil.

This is not good. Contact your local senator now.