What I Don't Get About the Clinton Global Initiative

I don't get why the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) does not come out and tell us more about it projects. I can tell you about the one that caught my attention.

When I covered the event years ago (and oddly got called a "member," which has many in a tizzy), I saw an amazing project. What is even MORE amazing is that it was a BI-PARTISAN presented project. You know how much I love bi-partisan projects and ones that work and that are simple and cheap. Who doesn't, right?

It was presented by then First Lady Laura Bush with Steve Case (former AOL). As they told us about the project from the stage, I thought the project brilliant. At the time, and even now, people in Africa were having difficulty getting water and drawing it out of the ground. You need electricity for electric pumps -- and they didn't have it. You need water to live.

You remember playground merry-go-rounds, right? Mrs. Bush and Case were supporting (promoting) a playground merry-go-round project where kids jumped on, pushed the merry-go-round and as it went around and around, it drew water out of the ground for the community. You don't need electricity -- just kids having lots of fun.

It was simple, inexpensive and solved a real problem -- and it was BI PARTISAN (then First Lady Laura Bush and CGI.) How could you not love a project like this?

Now fast forward to now. It has been years since I have been back to the CGI and I don't know what their projects are now. It would be a good idea if they told us.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I encourage readers to get involved in charities -- look around your community, there are lots of people who need help.... and it is fun to help.